Waytoua is designed to support Ukraine during the war that started way back in 2014 and the second full scale part that started on 24.02.2022 !

Ukraine has been independent, strong and prosperous for 30 years. But unfortunately, this independence and prosperity are now endangered. Entire cities, which not a long time ago were filled with joy and peace of its living folk, who never thought that war would come to their doors, have now been wiped off the face of the earth, and all of the joy and peace is gone with them too.

More than ten million citizens have abandoned their homeland. Millions of children have been forced to leave their homes and dream of returning every day. Unfortunately, most of them have nowhere to go because of the utter devastation left by the war.

Bucha, Irpin, Gostomel, Mariupol, Volnovakha and other cities in Eastern Ukraine simply no longer exist. The only things left of these cities are their names and ruins.
With Waytoua we must bring life back to these cities to enable Ukrainians to return home!

That’s why the Waytoua volunteer project was created. It aims to rebuild the cities affected by the war at most, in order to return Ukrainian families their homes as soon as possible.
By participating in our charity programm, you will help to rebuild a strong and independent Ukraine! To do this, imagine that you are planning a trip to one of the Ukrainian cities on Ukraine’s Independence Day on August 24.

This flight will be charitable for you, because unfortunately you will not be able to use the ticket through the airports destroyed by the war. All funds from the purchased tickets will be directed to the construction of the city of your choice.

To date, the Ukrainian military has liberated dozens of cities in need of reconstruction. We believe that together we can make the hearts of these cities beat again, and hear the streets filled with children’s laughter once more.