One of the crucial points in starting a new project is to choose the development technology, that it will work with, most efficiently. Making the right choice spares you additional costs, reduces the product’s launch-time and fixes scaling problems. First of all the development technology is a tool on the way to the prosperity of your project, not the cornerstone. The technology is supposed to work for you, and not the other way around.

Identifying Your Project Goals

The technology market has brought thousands of different technologies over the past decades, all of which are good at what they do. But how do you know which one will get your project off to a good start?

The first thing you have to do is define the goals of your project and describe its functionality. It is indeed not that easy to do, and sometimes it’s like foreseeing the future. But you have to find the answers to these questions: – Should it be a website or an app? What devices should it run on?

Think about the key features you want your product to have. Do you need user’s authentication? If yes – in what way? Is it enough to have authentication through social media, or is a more secure mechanism needed? Should you take care of an in-app purchase mechanism now, or you might add one during the development?

Basing on our experience, most peoplle who want to create their own unique product have hardly thought about such things. We highly recommend creating your product on paper, simply by drawing it(you can also use online constructors, such as Figma). Such visualized approach will give you a more detailed insight into your work and you will already have a complete picture of the project.

Scale your tasks through. For example, think about what you want to have as a priority and what can wait. One of the biggest mistakes we used to see is when a product takes a very long time to develop and is not tested by the market at all. This implies quite a big risk of wasting the resources, because due to the prolonged development, the product might not be in demand anymore.

Choosing The Right Development Technology

Once you’ve defined your goals and chosen your priorities, you can start looking for the software. First of all, ask yourself: – Where should my product work, on what devices?

If It's A Website, You Should Answer The Following Questions:
  1. For which browsers? If your potential customers mostly use old versions of browsers, the choice for the software is greatly narrowed down(e.g. Internet Explorer may not support modern software).
  2. Will your potential customers open the website on their phones or computers? Or maybe both? If customers will mainly browse on their phones, then it should load as quickly as possible, even with low internet bandwidth.
  3. Do you need a database? Is it gonna be a one-paged website or a complete tool for processing and storing user data?
If It's A Mobile Application:
  1. What platform do you want to have this app on? There are 2 main operating systems on the market: iOS and Android. Do you want your app on one of them or either?
  2. How complex is your app going to be? If you choose both the iOS and Android, certain software allows you to run these apps on a cross-platform. However, should your application be calculating complex operations or running in several threads – it is wise to separate the platforms that the applications run on.
Whom Is This Application For?

It is important to understand that some languages and technologies are suitable for different spheres of activity. E.g., it makes no sense to develop a one-page website using software that was developed for Enterprise-scaled solutions, its like bringing high heels to a marathon race.

When choosing software, some users rely on the popularity of this very software. We believe that products that are developed for years, should be made on a proven solid ground, the one that has a future, not the one with a short life-span.


We have prepared a small algorithm that can help you choose the development technology for your startup.

There is an 80% chance that this algorithm shall lead you to the right choice. However, before making a decision, we highly suggest having a consultation with someone competent in this matter. We will be happy to help you to sort out your choice, so just contact us. In picking a development technology, you want to have someone who’s worked in IT with different tools and is experienced. Programmers who spend most of their time working on only one software are unlikely to tell you anything different from what they know.

As we’ve mentioned before, making the right choice is your key to success and a guarantee that your product will reach its completion with minimal effort and investment.

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