Software development for business growth

Software development for business growth

Software development and UX/UI design for startups, scale-ups, and enterprises

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Software development
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Our services

We are experts in end-to-end software development, from idea to deployment, tailored to meet your unique business needs. We specialize in creating high-quality, scalable solutions that drive innovation and deliver exceptional UX.

Product discovery

Do you have an idea in mind? We assist you in a strategic process of product planning and idea validation

Product design (UI /UX)

With a user-centric approach we create visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces that enhance your product

Mobile apps development

We craft exceptional mobile product across platforms and use latest technologies to create an innovative Android and iOS app

WEB development

We use modern web technologies and frameworks to create custom solutions tailored to your business needs.

Generative AI

We specialize in Generative AI integration into software products to enhance UX and unlock new levels of product scalability.

Digital brand enrichment

We enhance the overall brand experience by creating user-friendly websites that align with the brand's identity and values

Startup consulting

Our startup experts provide strategic guidance in product development for entrepreneurs and early-stage companies.



Our maintenance services provide proactive monitoring, timely updates, and dedicated support to ensure your product remain reliable.

Our tech stack

We leverage the latest and most efficient web development technologies to build secure, dynamic, and intuitive web based solutions that align with your business goals.

PHP (Laravel, Symfony, Codigniter, Yii1/2), Python, Node.js

Vue.js, Angular, React

React Native, Android (Kotlin/Java), iOS (Swift)

Awesome projects we built with our clients

We build innovative software solutions using the latest technologies. Our main focus is on delivering a high quality products, that stand out, help our clients to grow business and win their customer’s hearts.

Software development - Goinvigo


Unique bachelorette parties planer. If you have some special plans and you wish to make the bride happy, Invigo is the thing.

Software development - Questy

The outdoor game that involves searching for treasures by following a designated road. A great way for different locations to attract more tourists.

Software development - VRpartments

An online VR realtor that allows people to check and buy their dream property. An online marketplace that connects real estate developers and people all over the word.

All range of software development expertises in one team

Weather you want to test your idea, build an MVP, develop an existing product, create a product from scratch, expand your team or want fully outsource product development – we are here to support.



Define, value and verify your product idea. Create a roadmap and identify initial scope of work.


Create unique digital product experience (UI/UX).


Turn you idea into the real product with the support of the high experienced team.


Keep your product safe and high functional.


Grow, scale and level up your awesome product.

Clients about our cooperation


“I am really impressed with their openness and quick response time!”

Anna Jarzębska
President, Fundacja Mapa Pasji

“Everyone is so nice and lovely to work with, and they don’t waste time either. They are straightforward and to the point!”

Rijion Carne
Co-Founder, Invigo
Rijion Carne
Flexible cooperation models
Software development cooperation models

You can choose the collaboration model that is most suitable for your business


You can hire the whole team of experts that will work on product development based on your requirements and product roadmap. This fully independent team can assist you with every aspect of your project. This model provides a tailored and focused approach to project execution, allowing you to have a dedicated group of professionals solely focused on your project's success.


We can augment your existing team with the resources you are looking for. Our expert can work alongside your in-house team on a specific project or for an extended period. Depends on the skill set that is needed four your roadmap.

Why to work with us?

Our cooperation is highly valued by our clients, and they have highlighted numerous advantages of partnering with us. Take a look below to see if we offer what you’re searching for!

Easy,opened cooperation and full ownership of the product delivery process


We deliver quality

Our main focus is the success of your project. We specialize in creating products your customers love and use.

Full expertise under one roof

We can handle the product building process from the idea to the scalable solution. We advise in all aspects of product creation and team building.

Timely and within budget

We know that roadmap is very important fot the company success. So we are dedicated to delivering projects on time and within the allocated budget.


We value open communication and trust-based relationship. So you have clear visibility into project progress, milestones, and challenges.

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We know how important is to have the right partner alongside in your business development journey, so our main goal is to alleviate at least one headache for you – the process of software development.

We take complete ownership of the product development process. Our team has a diverse skill set and has a proven track record of working together effectively over an extended period. So the collaboration process is more structured (comparing to freelancers) and reduces the need for extensive management from your side.

We collaborate as the part of your team, but you don’t have to worry about recruitment, people management and team motivation to build the product and deliver the best results.

The project cost can vary depending on the size of the product you plan to build and on the size of the team you would like to hire. It’s not always expensive. The best is to contact us and we will estimate the price, based on your idea. We understand the importance of clear budget. So if you have already the product idea in mind, we will prepare a detailed project cost estimation for you.

No, you shouldn’t. We can help not only with product building, but also with product UX/UI designing.

We employ the experienced and skilled team, conduct code reviews and perform timely testing processes. Our comprehensive testing methodologies enable us to identify and address any issues, catching and resolving potential bugs early on. We prioritize client collaboration to gather the feedback, ensuring we are in line with requirements and expectations.

We take full ownership of delivering a high-quality product that aligns with the roadmap, product plan, and your expectations.

We assign the dedicated team to the project. So you will always have contact with the person who is responsible for the product delivery and also if you wish, you can have a contact with the development team (depends on your preferences). You can decide about the model of cooperation: we can have full ownership of the product, we can enrich your team with the expertises or we can do mixed approach.

There is no special requirements apart from the idea! We can help you on the each stage of product developed – planning, validation an idea, UI/UX design, MVP and main product development, testing, maintenance and scaling.

The requirements for creating the team depend on the size and complexity of the product you wish to build, as well as the desired timeline. It could involve a small team for simpler projects or a full-fledged IT department dedicated to fulfilling your business needs. We take an individualized approach for each client and project, tailoring our resources and expertise accordingly

For sure! This is the only one requirement to start the product development. We can help you with the each stage – planning, validation an idea, UI/UX design, MVP and main product development, testing, maintenance and scaling.

Our clients retain full ownership of the intellectual property rights. We ensure clarity on this matter by explicitly stating it in our agreement.

We are dedicated to maintaining transparency and ensuring clear communication throughout the whole development process. To provide you with peace of mind, we sign contractual agreements that clearly outline the project scope, timelines, and deliverables, providing you legal protection. We grant our clients access to check the progress of development, provide regular reports and organize meetings to keep you informed and involved in the product delivery journey. Your satisfaction and confidence in our work are the priority for our team.

Do you have the idea in mind?

Drop us a line and we will find the best way of you idea execution!