Online VR realtor inside the mobile phone

Mobile app that allows users to browse and furnish desired apartments remotely, from anywhere in the world, only with a smartphone.

VRP software development

Project details

Software development


Software development

Krakow, Poland

Software development

ReactNative, Yii2

Software development


VRpartments is an innovative marketplace for real estate companies, enabling customers to explore potential homes remotely. With the VR glasses, users can visualize and walk through their desired apartments in 3D or virtual reality, even if they’re still under construction. A simple VR starter kit is available for order via the app to kickstart the immersive property browsing experience.

Our working process

Working in tandem with the founder’s team, we built the product from scratch, bringing their vision to life.


At this phase we converted founders idea into a structured roadmap, identified core features and target users. We helped also in the investment obtaining process.

UI/UX design

Alongside with founders we created the unique design and optimized user journey to ensure a successful and engaging user experience


This phase involved a dual-focus approach – the creation of the mobile app and the development of an AI algorithm capable of transforming 2D plans into immersive VR and 3D apartment models.


Client request

The client approached us at the idea stage of the project. So our team helped in defining the vision of the product, assisted during the investment phase and in go-to market strategy. We continue to collaborate as an extension of the client’s IT team, with the project still actively in scaling progress.
  1. Concept development (from idea to the exact product vision)
  2. Feasibility Analysis (market validation)
  3. Investment process assistance (documentation, investor meeting, roadmap creation etc.)
  4. Product design (UI/UX)
  5. Mobile app development
  6. AI algorithms development
  7. Go-to market strategy
  8. Launch
  9. Scaling
VRP software development process


Real estate marketplace equipped with AI-powered tools to accelerate the creation of VR models and to streamline property visualization for buyers and sellers alike.

Mobile app

A dynamic marketplace tailored for the real estate industry, designed to connect buyers and sellers with efficiency and ease. Built using React Native, a cross-platform technology, the app delivers a seamless user experience across different devices, whether you’re using an Android or iOS. All created features and user-friendly interface streamline the process of browsing, listing, and buying desired apartments. Created features:
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Navigation bar
  • Buy & Lease modules
  • Properties list
  • Properties map
  • Property individual pages
  • Offers list
  • Individual apartment page
  • 3D and VR models integration
  • Cardboard VR glasses ordering module (payment system, shipping provider integration)
  • Property contact form
VRP software development process
VRP software development process
VRP software development process
VRP software development process

3D and VR models

In VRpartments real estate marketplace, 3D and VR models are powerful tools to revolutionize the property viewing experience.

The 3D models provide a detailed, three-dimensional representation of properties. They allow potential buyers or renters to get a comprehensive visual impression of a property and allow users to get a realistic feel for the space, all from the comfort of their own homes.

VR models take this experience a step further by creating an immersive virtual reality environment. Mobile app allows potential buyers or renters to virtually furnish their desired apartments and customize the space to match their taste and needs.

Both models are generated by the AI algorithms developed by the team based on the 2D plans received from developers. Users can explore every room of yet-to-be-built apartments, virtually walking through spaces and getting a feel for the layout and features as if they were physically there. This immersive and interactive experience allows potential buyers or renters to make informed decisions, regardless of the construction stage of the property.

AI algorithms

Our team developed advanced AI algorithms that are capable to transform traditional 2D floor plans into immersive 3D and VR models.

VRP software development process

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