QUESTY – educational outdoor game

Mobile app that allows users to play educational games that combines the fun of playing, learning, treasure hunting, and the joy of discovery.

Questy software development

Project details

Software development

Fundacja Mapa Pasji & Fundacja Calamita

Software development


Software development

ReactNative, PHP

Software development

Questy is an innovative type of outdoor game that involves searching for treasures without any need of additional guidance, which makes it accessible and playable at any time. Players traverse a pre-set path, decrypting rhymed hints that unravel the mysteries of the chosen locale. Each journey culminates in finding a ‘treasure’ – a hidden container featuring a souvenir stamp and a Quest Book. By stamping and making an entry in the Quest Book, players proudly mark their successful adventure.

QUESTY – Wyprawy Odkrywców (which means “Explorer’s Quests”) is based on the American Valley Quest methodology created by Steven Glazer in 2008, which has since been adopted in Poland with hundreds of trails, or quests, now available. The Questy team is the most experienced in Poland and holds a license for the use of the Valley Quest methodology.

Our working process

Our team built the product from scratch, bringing founder’s vision to life by implementing American Valley Quest methodology to app.

Code migration

One of the most challenging aspects of the project. We had to migrate the native code to cross-platform. This phase included research, planning and migration.


We transitioned the native code to React Native and then started to work on the development of new features that were integral to the founders’ strategic roadmap

QA and Maintenance

We conduct comprehensive testing for app stability and flawlessness, and closely collaborate with the user community to facilitate a smooth transition to the app’s new version.


Client request

The client approached us when they already had the native app with some features and the main request was to increase the performance and to integrate additional features. After the comprehensive review of the existed solution founders decided to move the app to cross-platform framework.

  1. Native app to cross-platform migration
  2. New mobile app development
  3. Extensive testing
  4. User nurturing (work with the user community to ensure they are comfortable with the new version of the app)
  5. Maintenance
  6. Continuous development
Software development cooperation process


Modern cross-platform app, featuring superior UI/UX design, that allows users to play an outdoor game and makes outdoor treasure hunting games more accessible and engaging. By empowering users to select their optimal paths, such an app enhances regional knowledge and strengthens local identity.

Mobile app

An innovative cross-platform app is marked by its top-notch UI/UX design that takes outdoor gaming to a whole new level. Built using React Native, a cross-platform technology, the app delivers a seamless user experience across different devices, whether you’re using an Android or iOS. By blending advanced technology with outdoor fun, this app provides a unique, digitally immersive and physically exploratory experience. Created features:
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Individual profiles
  • Awards module
  • Navigation bar
  • Quests list
  • Quests map
  • Quests individual pages / modules
  • Ranking
  • Statistics
Questy software development
Questy software development
Questy software development
Questy software development

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was migrating the native code to cross-platform. This required extensive testing to ensure that the user experience was not negatively impacted by the migration. We had to carefully plan the migration process to avoid any disruptions to the users’ workflow and ensure a seamless transition.

To accomplish this, we worked closely with the development team to study the source codes of the native applications and develop a plan for the migration process. We carefully reviewed the existing codebase, identified any potential issues, and developed solutions to overcome them.
Once we had a plan in place, we began rewriting the native code to React Native. This involved working with various React Native components and APIs to ensure that the app looked and functioned the same as before.

Throughout the development process, we carried out extensive testing to ensure that the app was stable and bug-free. We also worked closely with the user community to ensure that they were comfortable with the new version of the app and could easily migrate to it.

In the end, we successfully migrated the app to React Native without any major issues. The app now performs better, has a more consistent user experience, and is easier to maintain. We are proud of the work we did on this project.

Admin Panel

Management panel encompass various management modules and allows company to manage quests, routes, user awards and setting up treasure hunting paths. A dedicated statistics section includes treasures and game analytics. And additional content management module allows to send app updates and a notifications to engage users with the latest news.

Created features:

  • User management
  • Quests management module (routes and treasure)
  • Game Statistics
  • Content Management System
  • Notification Management
  • Support Interface
  • User Feedback
Questy software development

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