Alloweat – empowering nutritionists 

Mobile app that empowers nutrition professionals by providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools to streamline their workflow and optimize client interactions. 

Project details

Software development


Software development


Software development

React Native

Software development

Alloweat is an all-in-one toolkit designed for nutrition professionals, offering customized solutions, efficient business management, time-saving features, and enhanced client dietary support processes.

Alloweat platform helps ensure that each client receives personalized support. By automating administrative tasks and simplifying business management, Alloweat also allows nutritionists to focus more on their clients and less on time-consuming tasks. As a result, Alloweat not only improves the efficiency of dietary support services but also enhances the overall quality of care provided to clients.

Our working process

Our team built the mobile app from scratch, based on already existed API to connect app to the Admin panel. 


In-depth consultation to understand client’s specific requirements and product idea. We focused on the existing Admin panel and API and discussed how best to integrate these with the mobile app.


Our team built the mobile app, ensuring compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. We successfully integrated the app with Alloweat’s existing Admin panel and API, enabling seamless data flow between the two systems.

QA and Maintenance

The app went through advanced testing, including functional, performance, and security testing. This ensured that the app was bug-free, reliable, and secure for users. After successful testing, we deployed the app on both the App Store and Google Play. Project is still in progress.


Client request

Alloweat, an all-in-one toolkit designed for nutrition professionals, initially reached out to us with a clear vision for their mobile app. They already had a robust Admin panel and API in place, which they used to manage the backend of their platform. They wanted to expand their services by creating a cross-platform mobile app that would bring the convenience and functionality of their platform to their users’ fingertips.

  1. Integration with existing systems
  2. Cross-platform mobile app development
  3. Customized meal planning feature
  4. Patient progress tracking
  5. Real-time communication implementation
  6. Calendar and scheduling
  7. Extensive testing
  8. Maintenance
  9. Continuous development


The Alloweat mobile app, developed as a cross-platform solution, enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of nutrition professionals’ services by offering various features.

Through the app, nutritionists and their clients can effortlessly engage in real-time via instant messages and chats, thus elimination the necessity of in-person consultations and fostering a more adaptable communication schedule. It also facilitates nutritionists in creating tailored meal plans that align with a client’s unique dietary needs, constraints, and health objectives. 

Clients can log their daily food intake and activities, allowing nutritionists to monitor their progress and adjust the plans accordingly.

The app includes a library of nutrition resources, such as articles, recipes, and exercise guides, which nutritionists can recommend to their clients.

Both nutritionists and clients can view and manage their schedules, book appointments, set reminders, and send notifications directly from the app.
Nutritionists can generate detailed reports and analytics about their clients’ progress, helping to identify trends, insights, and areas for improvement.

In conclusion, the Alloweat mobile app serves as a comprehensive and convenient platform for nutrition professionals to offer their services, manage their businesses efficiently, and provide personalized support to their clients. By integrating the app with their existing Admin panel and API, we ensured seamless data flow and optimal functionality. In collaboration with our team, Alloweat has successfully launched an app that enhances the quality of dietary support and contributes to better client outcomes.

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