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QUESTY is an educational game that combines the fun of playing and learning, treasure hunting, and the joy of discovery. It is a type of outdoor game that involves searching for treasures without any need for marking or guidance, which makes it accessible and playable at any time. The game consists of following a designated route while reading rhymed clues and discovering the secrets of a specific location. At the end of the journey, players will find a "treasure" in a final container with a souvenir stamp and a Quest Book. The stamp and entry in the Quest Book confirm that the players have completed the course.

QUESTY - Wyprawy Odkrywców (which means "Explorer's Quests" in Polish) is based on the American Valley Quest methodology created by Steven Glazer in 2008, which has since been adopted in Poland with hundreds of trails, or quests, now available. The Questy team is the most experienced in Poland and holds a license for the use of the Valley Quest methodology.

These outdoor quests are an excellent way to promote the uniqueness of the region, showcasing the history, culture, and nature of the area. They are cheaper than traditional hiking trails since all that is required is a leaflet or a mobile application (no infrastructure or staff is necessary). The quests are attractive because they include fun rhymes and riddles, encourage active exploration of the environment, and end with a unique stamp. They are modern since they can be accessed using an interactive mobile application for smartphones and tablets. They are also a great form of education, not only for tourists but also for locals who can help create and complete them, increasing their knowledge of the region and strengthening local identity.

The main goal of Questy is to present the heritage of a specific region or town in the most attractive way possible, to highlight unique aspects of a location's nature, history, and culture, and to discover the extraordinary and distinctive character of the area. The attractiveness and effectiveness of these quests lie in the direct involvement of both the creators and participants of the game. It is widely known that personal experience is the most effective form of education, and when combined with the elements of play and treasure hunting, Questy offers an engaging educational tourism experience.

Scope of work and results

One of the most challenging aspects of the project was migrating the native code to cross-platform. This required extensive testing to ensure that the user experience was not negatively impacted by the migration. We had to carefully plan the migration process to avoid any disruptions to the users' workflow and ensure a seamless transition.

To accomplish this, we worked closely with the development team to study the source codes of the native applications and develop a plan for the migration process. We carefully reviewed the existing codebase, identified any potential issues, and developed solutions to overcome them.

Once we had a plan in place, we began rewriting the native code to React Native. This involved working with various React Native components and APIs to ensure that the app looked and functioned the same as before.

Throughout the development process, we carried out extensive testing to ensure that the app was stable and bug-free. We also worked closely with the user community to ensure that they were comfortable with the new version of the app and could easily migrate to it.

In the end, we successfully migrated the app to React Native without any major issues. The app now performs better, has a more consistent user experience, and is easier to maintain. We are proud of the work we did on this project.


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