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myREST Widget

myREST Widget

myREST Widget is a unique development of the Polish startup myREST. This widget can be easily added to every restaurant website. It is easily configurable and integrated into the myREST ecosystem. 

Thanks to it, restaurant guests can make table reservations for a selected date, with the choice of a room or even a table. 

In addition, the widget allows users to make online orders thanks to the integration of myREST SmartMenu.

The biggest advantage of the widget is its flexibility and simplicity in usage. The administrator can easily customize the appearance, the opening hours of the restaurant and the time available for reservations, because in addition to the widget a reservation system has been developed, which is one of the most advanced on the market.

We continue to work on this product and many more new features will be available soon, such as reservation fees and so on.

The problems that have been solved are:
1. Reservation API preparation
2. Ordering system

myREST Widget

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