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myREST SmartMenu

myREST SmartMenu

SmartMenu is a unique development for the Polish startup myREST. This electronic menu can be seen in more than 100 restaurants in Poland. The development of this menu has been constantly underway with the idea of making it as easy as possible to access. 

The user can see the menu by scanning a special QR code or by scanning an NFC tag. 

All products and menu items are tightly integrated with the myREST administration panel which means that changes appear immediately on users' screens. This saves restaurants the cost of printing the products.

Additionally an app with QR code scanner was developed for Android based mobile devices because not all Android devices have the ability to scan QR codes without installing additional apps.

In addition, from this menu the user can call the waiter to his table with one click to place an order or pay the bill. The call is forwarded to the administrative part, to the screen that stands in the kitchen or reception.

Additionally, a prototype wristband for waiters was developed. The possibility of making them was investigated, and the software part was written. However, at the moment the wristband project is frozen.

The problems that have been solved are:
1. Maximum ease of access to the menu
2. Intuitive interface
3. Maximum productivity.

myREST SmartMenu

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