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Invigo - invite and go

Invigo is a product used to plan and throw fantastic bachelorette parties. If you have some special plans and you wish to make the bride happy, Invigo is the thing.

You could invite a special person to arrange and set everything up, create relevant votings, collect opinions of all attendants, plan out your budget and make a dream party come true.

Development process was based on a sprint-based agile procedure, and one of the most interesting technological challenges was developing a reliable data structure, suitable for a wide variety of access levels and user roles - alongside with numerous entity types and internal processes.

Also, this order included flow and UX development work - to help our customers regain vision of the product by the eyes of the customer.

Difficulties that have been solved:
1. Platform development
2. Multiple entity integration and handling
3. Role security and boundaries

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  • Client: Goinvigo
  • Location: Dallas, Texas
  • Technologies: Firebase, Node.js, React.js
  • Completed: 2021 - Ongoing
  • Website:

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