SaaS platform  for restaurant business

myREST project is the complex platform that includes reservation system, ordering system, QR menu, myREST bot and managing system.

myREST software development

Project details

Software development

myREST Sp. z o.o.

Software development


Software development

Angular, PHP, AWS, Android

Software development

Our working process

Our team developed the project from scratch and we operate from 2017 as IT department of myREST company.


During this phase we worked on idea to roadmap transformation. Decided about the technology, infrastructure and product development strategy.

Development and UI/UX

We created the experienced development team (including UI/UX designers) which worked on project development.


We ensure timely updates and continuous support for the solutions, creating product that customers love to use.

Client request

Client contacted us with the idea of creating QR menu and ordering system way back in 2017 and they hired us as the IT department of the company. So we’ve been working from the first idea till now – the fully functioning platform that includes numerous modules.

  1. Discovery phase
  2. UI/UX design
  3. QR module development
  4. Reservation system and Widget development
  5. Ordering module development
  6. Admin Panel development
  7. Product scaling


A ready to use myREST SaaS solution for restaurateurs for improving their business. We offer simple centralized marketing tool that includes digital menu, widget for reservations, ordering system and gives the ability automatically collect and manage clients data, create an automatic marketing campaign. 

Developed platform is a complex smart solution for restaurant that allows restaurateurs and managers to connect with customers only in few clicks. 

myREST ecosystem includes:

      1. Simple reservation system – Widget (table reservation directly from the restaurant website, Facebook, Instagram or Google search)
      2. SmartMenu (an interactive menu of dishes and drinks inside guest’s phone)
      3. SmartVenue (the most effective way to build the contact between the client and the waiter)
      4. Admin panel (myREST admin panel for managers and restaurateurs not only give easy real time access to customise profile, key restaurant performance metrics and customer information but also actionable analysis and insights to help them actually improve their business.)
      5. Easy GastroMarketing (email and SMS-mailing – proven tools for building permanent relationships with every guest).

myREST Widget

This widget can be easily added to every restaurant website. It is easily configurable and integrated into the myREST ecosystem.

Thanks to it, restaurant guests can make table reservations for a selected date, with the choice of a room or even a table.

In addition, the widget allows users to make online orders thanks to the integration of myREST SmartMenu.

The biggest advantage of the widget is its flexibility and simplicity in usage. The administrator can easily customize the appearance, the opening hours of the restaurant and the time available for reservations, because in addition to the widget a reservation system has been developed, which is one of the most advanced on the market.

Reservations fees were also implemented.

We continue to work on this product and many more new features will be available soon.

myREST software development

myREST Admin Panel

The myREST administration panel is probably our most comprehensive product. myREST is a Polish startup which is a marketing platform tailored for restaurants.

Thanks to this system, restaurateurs can collect information about their guests and conduct promotions, analyze traffic and manage processes. It allows the restaurant to get more reviews on platforms such as Google, TripAdvisor and so on.

The ecosystem includes:

      1. Delivery system.
      2. Reservation system.
      3. Electronic menu system.

In the administration panel, administrators can manage reservations, orders and menus in real time.

The problems that have been solved are:

      1. Reservation system logic
      2. Payments.
      3. Customer service.
myREST software development

myREST SmartMenu

This electronic menu can be seen in more than 100 restaurants in Poland. The development of this menu has been constantly underway with the idea of making it as easy as possible to access.

The user can see the menu by scanning a special QR code or by scanning an NFC tag.

All products and menu items are tightly integrated with the myREST administration panel which means that changes appear immediately on users’ screens. This saves restaurants the cost of printing the products.

Additionally an app with QR code scanner was developed for Android based mobile devices because not all Android devices have the ability to scan QR codes without installing additional apps.

In addition, from this menu the user can call the waiter to his table with one click to place an order or pay the bill. The call is forwarded to the administrative part, to the screen that stands in the kitchen or reception.

Additionally, a prototype wristband for waiters was developed. The possibility of making them was investigated, and the software part was written. However, at the moment the wristband project is frozen.

The problems that have been solved are:

      1. Maximum ease of access to the menu
      2. Intuitive interface
      3. Maximum productivity.


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