Klopotova School


Training platform for beauty industry

Klopotova School is a part of European Nails International Ltd. is a company with a worldwide reputation, which is represented in almost every country in Europe. 

Klopotova software development

Project details

Software development

European Nails Int. Ltd.

Software development


Software development

Yii2, Thinkific API

Software development


Our working process

Our team developed the project from scratch.


During this phase we worked together with client on idea to roadmap transformation. Decided about the technology and the whole infrastructure.

Development and UI/UX

We created the experienced development team (including UI/UX designers) which worked on platform development.


We ensure timely updates and continuous support for the solutions, creating product that customers love to use.

Client request

The main objective was to create a Klopotova School training platform where users could keep up with the new courses, take them and receive certificates. 

  1.  UI/UX design
  2. Platform development
  3. Workshops reservation system
  4. Users’ progress tracking


We tried to make the system for trainings for cosmetics and boutique manicure salons as simple as possible and within the tight deadlines. Platform allows users to access and enroll in new courses, as well as receive certificates, it is indeed important to ensure simplicity and efficiency in the system.  

We designed a user-friendly interface that is intuitive and easy to navigate. The platform should have a clean and organized layout, making it simple for users to find information about courses, their descriptions, and enrolment procedures.

We created a comprehensive course catalog that lists all available courses offered by Klopotova School. Each course should have a clear description, including learning objectives, prerequisites, and duration.

We managed to create a Klopotova School platform that is easy to use and helps users gain new knowledge. Thanks to the integration with other services we were able to create a comprehensive product.

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