Bachelorette Party Planning Tool

Web product that helps customers to create, invite and plan the ultimate bachelorette in online bachelorette planning solution.

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Project details

Software development


Software development

Dallas, Texas

Software development

Firebase, Node.js, React.js

Software development


Invigo is a product used to plan and throw fantastic bachelorette parties. If you have some special plans and you wish to make the bride happy, Invigo is the thing. You could invite a special person to arrange and set everything up, create relevant votings, collect opinions of all attendants, plan out your budget and make a dream party come true.

Our working process

Facing a tight deadline, our skilled team successfully revamped and completed the platform development.


During this phase we discovered system and architecture problems, created the solution on how to finish the product on time.

Development and UI/UX

We created the experienced development team, which worked based on client’s design, but also advising the designer on progress.


We ensure timely updates and continuous support for the solutions, creating product that customers love to use.

Client request

We were asked to take over the incomplete project; the main requirement was to launch the entire product in just 3 months. Main difficulties that we needed to solve:
  1. Platform development
  2. Multiple entity integration and handling
  3. Role security and boundaries
  4. Data structure development


A ready-to-use travel planning platform that includes numerous tools to plan the bachelorette.


A centralized hub to create, plan, and track the party. It shows all the needed information:

  • Time for the party to start
  • Guest list
  • Destination
  • Timeline and milestones that should be completed
Goinvigo software development

Party personalisation tools:

  • Budget planning tools (guests’ budget collection)
  • Polls (hassle-free voting poll so everyone has a voice)
  • Schedule (customers can schedule a party based on the tribe’s preferences and budgets)
  • To-do list
  • Common chat
  • Shopping list
Goinvigo software development

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