Dream Celebration


Responsive website for children’s party

Dream Celebration website reflects the playful and joyful atmosphere of children’s parties can be a fun project.

Dream-celebration software development

Project details

Software development

Dream Celebration

Software development

Czech Republic

Software development

Web design, WordPress

Software development


Our working process

Our team developed the project from scratch.


During this phase we worked together with client on idea to roadmap transformation. Decided about the technology and the whole infrastructure.

Development and UI/UX

We created the experienced development team (including UI/UX designers) which worked on website development.


We ensure timely updates and continuous support for the solutions, creating product that customers love to use.

Client request

Client contacted us with a request to develop a Dream Celebration website that would reflect the activities of the company, namely the organization of children’s parties. The main task from the client was to develop the appearance of the site to convey the atmosphere of the holiday.

  1.  UI/UX design (non-standard template)
  2. Website development
  3. Optimization and launch


Fully functioning Dream Celebration website that reflects the playful and joyful atmosphere of children’s parties can be a fun project.

We started this Dream Celebration project with the clear goal of creating a full-fledged WordPress website that vividly reflects the client’s business of organizing children’s parties. We created a design that echoed a festive and playful atmosphere by selecting a colorful theme and fine-tuned it to resonate with the company’s brand.

Visual elements, including images and animations, were seamlessly integrated into the site to bring it to life, capturing the magic of the children’s events. We dedicated specific sections of the website for a gallery showcasing past parties, client testimonials, and easily accessible calls-to-action.

Dream Celebration site was optimized for SEO to enhance visibility, and mobile responsiveness was ensured for optimal user experience across devices. We ensured to provide ongoing maintenance and updates post-launch, with a strong commitment to client feedback and continuous improvement.

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