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Hello! πŸ™‚

My name is Taras Gopko, I am the founder and head of Appricotsoft.

I am very glad to see you on this page, and since you have come here I will be glad to tell you our story.

Our First startup experience

Our journey began in 2015 with a very interesting project called Framewhere.
It was a marketplace for finding photographers and videographers. In this project, for the first time I, as CTO, had to face the problems of launching not only the technical aspects of the product, but also the business tasks.

This was the first time I had to recruit a development team, do user research, and implement new features. I learned a lot from this project, and had an incredible experience launching a startup from the ground up. Our startup won prizes in various startup contests several times, one of which was the OMGKRK - Dragon Cave contest. From a technical point of view the project was made as good as possible with a minimum of resources. The project grew from a simple search to a full-fledged product - from searching to ordering photos and even sending them to the client. Many sleepless nights were spent at the computer screen, but I had the pleasure of demonstrating new features of the service to my clients. The service had over 500 professional photographers, and over 100gb of photos were uploaded to it. However a number of mistakes and difficult access to financial resources hindered the development of the service and after 6 years we had to make one of the most difficult decisions - to close the service. But during these 6 years I have gained the most valuable experience, which helps me in other projects and which I share.


One of the next projects was myREST, in which I also fulfil the role of CTO. myREST is a marketing platform for restaurants, which allows restaurants to get to know their guests, understand what guests want and anticipate it. The system makes it possible to make reservations, call for waiters and many other cool things (for more details see It operates on polish market and I'm sure soon it will be time to go out of Poland.

Those 2 projects would not have been possible without great technical team, which was able to implement all the customer requests. In these 2 projects I managed to get to know an incredible number of smart professionals in different fields. And with the best of them, in 2018 we founded the outsourcing agency Thanks to it, we have the opportunity to share our expertise and launch new projects. In October 2021 we did a complete rebranding and now we welcome you to our new website

We love creating something new that people will use (and it's a real pleasure to see people using what you've made). We will be happy to help you and share our experience, tell you how to do what you don't need to do and how to do it effectively. We have customers all over the globe and have helped launch projects in the USA, Germany, Holland, Czech Republic and of course Poland.

The biggest achievement and value in our hard way is our team, every one of them is a professional and I have 200% confidence in each one of them. Get to know its key people:

Meet our team

Let's launch your app!

Contact us and we will help you design a business model and a strategy for its step-by-step development. An important place in our work is taken by analytics: analysis of requirements and business processes, marketing and technical audits, requirements management at all stages of the project.